Tuesday, January 10, 2012

An Open Letter To... Maybe You?

I've been bothered over the last two or something weeks by the amount of people who are taking the things I write and joke about seriously. On this blog you might remember a post about the Mother's Room and in my most recent article in Y Fashion Magazine I wrote about Runway Models. The comments that followed both of those little bits of what was supposed to be fun, explain to me, often in simple terms (I'm guessing so my actually really smart brain will understand it) why the things I wrote about are the way they are. This isn't bothersome to me because I personally need everyone to think I'm funny, but because I'm hoping to use my grand sense of humor professionally. This is why I write all the time.

So today I was thinking about this and found myself coming to a startling conclusion. I realized that in both cases the people who think that I'm not funny or don't understand my humor are women. This is even more troubling to me, because I firmly believe and, in fact, know for certain that I don't have too much else to use to attract the lady folk. So if they don't even think I'm funny, what else do I have to live for?

So ladies, and anyone else who may have misinterpreted the things I've said ever, let us all be on the same page now, when I say that nothing I say in this blog and probably in Y Fashion is serious. I'm very intelligent and I know why things are the way they are, I know how the female anatomy works, and the only reason I ever write  about such things is to bring people joy.

I love getting comments on here. I love to hear feed back. Just please don't explain things to me; I already know and it makes me feel like you're not enjoying my talents that I live to share.

With that said, Am I the only one who has thoughts which make me laugh uncontrollably in public? It's kind of embarrassing. Sometimes I just start laughing and can't really explain why in such a way that it will remain funny.

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